Thursday, May 9, 2013

Patrice O'Neal Was a Martyr

It's a testament to Patrice's brilliance he could speak for an hour off-the-cuff, and if you had Errol Morris cut up a few images and maybe add a little Philip Glass to the soundtrack, you'd have an award-winning documentary. Errol Morris is the director who invented the Interrotron, basically a highly sophisticated Skype-style camera process designed for filming documentaries. I mean, if Steve Job's Lost Interview, just him talking for 90 minutes could be a documentary, why not. Patrice deserved his own point-of-view style section at Cannes.

The man was a bridge-burning, righteous, status quo challenging man who could've been the next Carlin had he continued. Like Lenny Bruce he picked his convictions over acting frivolously and going with the grain. I've listened to about half of his Opie and Anthony appearances and Black Philip stuff (there's an archive of his appearances here), so when I say the video I'm about to link is some of his most profound thoughts, you can take me at least half-serious. It focuses around the struggles of the entertainment business but the social aspect is universal.  Check it:

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