Friday, July 7, 2023

The adrenochrome trade is real 100% confirmed

Adrenochrome is fun to joke about and to consider but it occurred to me it's 100% real even in its exaggerated, non-scientific street form.

Let's do a rational run-down:

An adrenochrome ampoule
Is organ harvesting real? Yes.
Do cannibals exist? Yes. Armie Hammer can attest to this.
Do people consume everything? Yes.

People consume every odd concoction on earth under the belief it is a miracle cure for sexual stamina, erectile dysfunction, beauty, youth, or cures for illness. People believe rhino horns provide erections and animal suffering makes food taste better.

Now, keep in mind, there only needs to be one regular adrenochrome paying user on planet earth for the adrenochrome trade to be real. Even if it was a myth and didn't exist before, certainly by now there's someone insane enough to believe it.

Are the rich willing to buy anything? Yes.
Are some of the poor willing to do anything for money? Yes.

Listen to the way people talk about placenta and stemcells. If we're already willing to accept people are okay with murder for an icy new set of lungs from an organ harvester, seems like a complete waste to throw out perfectly good adrenochome. Even as a non-cannibal with no interest in adrenochome, food waste is a great sin. So if someone were to say to you, "Hey man, I'm out of the blackmarket trade and I'm throwing these away, do you want them?" You take that six-pack of freshly harvested adrenaline glandsas you're currently boycotting Bud Lightand become the life of the block party.

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