Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Half-Baked Hot Takes™

The true propellant of climate change in this "hottest summer on record" is Uber Eats and other ride programs.

The physically lazy receive all the criticism, but are part of a triad including the intellectually lazy and emotionally lazy. Don't speak unless you've mastered all three.

The overlooked duty of police isn't direct effectiveness rather the threat of arrest or inconvenience. Without this ready possibility, why not crime.

Homelessness isn't impossible to solve just because there's no money in it. Anyone can claim homelessness by walking out their front door, exponentially increasing demand. People in power likely realize it's a "moral hazard" if you let someone plot a small shed without taxes, others won't want to pay either. It's closely tied the the failure of mental health services. All these are short sighted, though. A just-comfortable-enough studio would provide a baseline stability people need. The tax is likely a wash versus the negative effects of having people on the streets.

As someone said, the trans hysteria is the "Satanic panic" of our time. Failed hysteria in political ads in Michigan proved this. What's more scary? Just ordinary men. If people don't view transwomen as women, certainly they instinctively find "effeminate men" less threatening.

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