Thursday, May 9, 2013

Penn Jillette is a Moral Man

Okay, I don't know that Penn Jillette's a moral man, but his ideas on morality are the most and concise I've heard. Whether he applies them to his life or not is irrelevant, what's more important are the ideas. I was listening to his podcast Penn's Sunday School and came across this little bit where he perfectly articulates, off-the-cuff, the differences between cynicism and skepticism, and being evil versus being wrong.

Instead of trying to eloquent describe how he's one of the smartest persons ever, I'll share instead some quotes from the excerpt and the clip I uploaded to Youtube:

"People being wrong about things is not the same as people being bad or evil."

"Thinking that someone is evil means that there's some force we can fight in the universe that is evil, it means there's something there to hold on to. People being wrong is much scarier, because people being wrong is you and me. It's everybody."

"A cynic is also someone who's given up. You just say 'There's bad motives, that's it. Everyone's out to get what they can get.' It's an ugly position that has become a really hip point of view."

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