Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Proposal 2 Samso

Hip hop xtranormal video created for that special bebe.

Lyrics (in italics for style)
Note: some lines changed to sound better in video.

will u be mine jessica skeeny?
in six six SICNESS and in health
wedding banquet
every plate - waffle fries
a buffet of mcnuggets 3 chicken fingers deep

i know of your secret intimate feelings
your lust for that hot fried meat
pork rinds, cow behinds, pigs feet

samso: bebe i want your meat!

our wedding reception table
it will be a butcher block
i'll bang you over it after your family's gone
except your cousin Stay Puft [she's white haa!1]

8 millimeter camera in one hand
the other grabbing marshmallows in his pants
and don't front
eat him when you're done

i won't tell anyone you ate some mallows stuffed with whale fat
as long as you keep secrets about linetrap

samso: Oh yeah! suck my snatch!

ricardo lopez - special guest
buffalo bill's friend
made a pillow from your breasts
for our tiny ring bearer (go terrorist nader!)

no more cheeseless pizza girl
tonight you get the real thing
worried about where it came from?
it's from your teats

milked those udders
after i drugged you up
you were stuttering and passed out in bed
guess what doll - you just broke edge lol

tying you up to a lazy boy; force feeding
a fat ham sandwich stuffed with methamphetamine raising your dopamine
got you cringing in your sleep next to my milking machine
while i extract it you're looken so cute but hella mean

baby, i frickin' adore you - it's a fact

samso: milk won't be the only liquid you extract

yeah baby yeah
got you wet like wisconsin dells
it's our planned honey moon
fancy hotel with a race car bed
time outs - submissions - not playing by the rules

hot sex on stock ikea rugs
sweatin' sensual love
got your down town draining like a facet
zach butler jerks off through the closet

that's how good friends do

samso: ooo ooo ooo, u u u, my my my!

i'll never treat you like a bustdown babe (before 9pm, haha)
i'll treat you like queen and your asshole like a kingdom
randy psycho candy
red vines cooked in lard

samso: i am swooning for you

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