Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vampires with red wings

If they don't gain a thrill from killing or creating eternal life, why don't they just find a life-partner or really good friend - perhaps an experienced phlebotomist - to transfer their blood to them. They could even freeze it, although I'm not sure how fresh it has to be. If said vampire's asocial he may get the blood in exchange for goods and services. Surely a virtually indestructible being can find decent pay for odd jobs.

I don't know how often vampires must feed, either. Lets see, it can't be close to daily. Vampires would be extinct from such an unbearably grueling schedule. Bodies would be dropping everywhere. Either vampires would soon take over the population, or they would get caught and quarantined by the authorities.

Weekly (or 52 times a year,) seems plausible. At four feedings a month the lifestyle seems manageable. Male vampires in relations with mortals can even put their lovers menstruation to good use. Uncouth? Mother birds vomit food into the mouth of their young and no one questions that. Surely it's a welcome break from needles, or god forbid, murder. It's all about survival, g.

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