Monday, June 8, 2020

The Inevitable Global State

I feel dislike for the far left more. Both are equally bad. At least with the authoritarian right you could exist in a world where some semblance of order exists and find the Game of Thrones level of mindfuckery interesting. And yet, I must concede that the disgusting apocalyptic wasteland Antifa would bring out intentionally or otherwise might be better than the technological dystopia we're headed to. It's the inevitable fascist state. What kind of fascist state? Probably the type with state sponsored SSRIs as the norm, where you're considered the autistic person if you're straight edge and sober and behave in an orderly fashion.

It's coming. It's either civilization continues or we're reduced to the anarchic state of low-level intrigue and squatting in abandoned breweries. If it continues: it's the cyberpunk futuristic fascist state everyone pretends is okay, lest they drop their smile to a frown for one second and an algorithm alerts gov't authorities. It's coming. Either civilization continues on its course or it doesn't. Technology won't be barred or halted. I mean, you're a crank if you have skepticism of 5G towers, as if only good could come of the ability to tap into and transfer endless amounts of data to little persons or targeted organizations. As if the gov't won't in pristine HD tap the ability to see what you're doing on your phone, or have the ability to hijack it through the backdoor they desperately desired from Apple, to make it look like you plotted to attack them, to become unpersoned or imprisoned later. As if there's nothing in electromagnetic waves that could be potentially damaging to the human body. (It's not a matter of the argument's validity, but whether the technology and trade-off is worth additional risk.)

Globalization has a linear trajectory. It's up. It's connectivity. It's safety. And it's away from privacy. People think it's a big deal to have tweets and nudes and embarrassing social media live on forever now. But not too long from now there will be a video of you exiting, slithering through your mom's womb with a social security number tied directly to your facebook for admins to look at, with a geographical data point and your gender and name and bloodtype. Every thing you do throughout childhood will be recorded either by you or by your classmates in their contacts or some other neural recording tech.

It won't be a sinister government you'll be fighting, it'll be your standard issue fellow man. Convenience will play a major role. They will demand it. Complete financial security and a reduction in those related crimes. Safety. Every human interaction will become data to some degree. Parents will request it. Court cases will be increasingly open and shut. The wishes of the enlightened paranoid will be dismissed. It's a democracy after all, and the 51% will control you regardless of your libertarian erotic fan-fiction. Because your rights end where anothers begin and the idea a transgression might ever take place is at odds with their utopia.

Above is a minute video of a company called Tectonix GEO tracking beach-goers' movements amid the coronavirus pandemic. Note: this is not some unearthed video of "anonymous" tracking they wished to keep secret. This is an advertisement under the guise of public safety.

Constitutional ideals will be laughed out of relevance, along with old ideas such as personal liberty or ownership or privacy, anything that could give you a sense of pride or agency. It doesn't matter what ideas individualistic societies have about what should be, the realpolitik of what should be will take over, and in order to stay competitive with more oppressive regimes, other states that steal intellectual property or control their citizens, winning countries will have to do the same. MSM will be begging for the oppression and tyranny, moreso than they do now. Swathes of people will understand this on some level and eroticize their own helplessness and the sado-masochistic relationship w/the state for some level of pleasure before the Soma kicks in. Don't believe it, search bdsmlr + your favorite political terms. Consider the well-intended welfare state destroys families and the collective is your new daddy.

Fun meme: If religious schools teach religion, and trade schools teach trade, what do state schools teach?

Any attempts to break the system by fringe lunatics will be busted and made examples of. Oh you have cute ideas about 3D printed guns? How does that compare to the power conslidation of government plus big business tech working together that can stalk your every move in the name of public safety? Are you going to be Nick "I'm Definitely Not Satoshi Nakamoto" Szabo prattling on about the importance of trust minimization through bitcoin transactions ignoring the trust maximization most people want for insurance. As if the gov't can't copy your middling side-project and make it a little more convenient at the expense of control. Even as a fringe idea for seldom use, all that's required is a status quo that desires to legislate against an idea with an absurd penalty of jail-time and your libertarian nonsense won't be worth entertaining.

Into the future we'll live in a globally connected, increasing homogenized, stilted population. The woke masses now will be turned to believers of the state once a few new technologies trade in liberty for the sake of stopping a terrorist attack. Eventually these will be so overreaching, with moving goal posts, you'll get a misdemeanor for fat-shaming Pam from HR. There'll be new reasons to impinge on your freedom to the point an eyeroll might get you ticketed. Fighting with sticks and stones in a post WW3 shithole of sheetmetal might be preferable by comparison. W/ the alternative, the journalists etc who imagine themselves freedom fighters biggest campaign promise will be bargaining for our inevitable microchips not to include a killswitch. Jk this is impossible it's all a larp.

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