Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Update on this disaster of a website

Some new old articles have been posted, titled: "On the importance of free speech," "The upside of a forest fire," and "the universe in 1s and 0s." Continue scrolling if you wish to read them. The first two were attempts to legitimize my ideas into a more refined point of view that was marketable on another domain. While somewhat successful in their intent, it's impossible to keep up with a somewhat staged veneer of sophistication. The reality is, if someone spoke to you like someone writes for the NY Times, they'd become immediately sus to you as peddling bullshit. I can't remove myself from the beauty of polemical argument eloquently stated by Christopher Hitchens, nor the need to gather colleagues and view a video of an ape fucking a frog. And as an erudite man, the latter is more telling about the nature of reality. A fusion of both the elegant and the depraved makes for more interesting words, going forward.

Luckily that other domain has since expired like much of my creative will, and I am back to my previous media ventures on here, my former site, under a new name! New name, same middling content. This is Don't Try now, and is the registered web address you can link to family, friends, and enemies. was taken but at least the idea of an organization built around not trying has a sense of irony. The name comes from well-known wisdom and a philosophy furthered by Charles Bukowski. Older posts made be made private or transferred for consistency.

This blog has over 400 posts, not including drafts and deletions. This creative hobby began in 2007, with the podcast formulating in June of 2013. It born out of office work and the harrowing existential threat that one must work for a living. Monetization hasn't been a primary concern. A problem arises when whats fun to say in jest isn't compatible with any mainstream publication, and the moment you curtail a sincere interest (something you must do) with too much outside influence, you may as well be working anywhere. At least with the hobbyist creative endeavor you can delude yourself with a dream of success.

A Patreon link will be coming, and depending on contributions there's a good chance the guilt of it will force more content. And don't worry about where any donations are going because the moment I get a modicum of power it will be used to further the legacy of Genghis Khan. We have people donating to OnlyFans and sending influencer seed-money in exchange for heavily filtered photos of Kylie Jenner's used menstrual products on Instagram. There's no reason not to.

Unless something even worse happens in 2020 expect some more content. It'll be the best I've ever had to offer. That said, according to your point of view, could be like saying best outfit you could derive from the thrift shop on a random day. Still, there's nothing left to lose or gain with any further output here and that's meant in the best way possible.

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