Saturday, November 14, 2015


College students were supposed to read '1984 and take it as a warning, not as an instruction manual.' Now it's all groupthink, petition, hashtag activism and false outrage to give people the illusion they're part of something. After the hippie movement dismantled, those free thinkers became educators and started spreading their socialist hocus pocus that turned helping hands into crutches; that turned victimhood into a way of life, not something to be overcome; that made third wave feminism more about self-interest than equality.

It seems some people now operate under the presumption they have a right not to be offended. If someone has ignorant, bigoted opinions, there's literally no way of relaying that information to them without causing offense. The many should not have to cater to the sensibilities of a few. Why? To do so is narcissism gone mad. Furthermore, to hide yourself from truth and opinion is willful delusion from reality. Schizophrenics should be shamans, in South American, drug tourist jungle villages only. Anything else is the blind leading the blind. Choosing to not see something doesn't mean it's not there. And a trigger warning is a hypnotic trick to keep you asleep from feeling. Whenever I hear the term, my already high blood pressure goes up 20 points. Where's my warning?

I doubt I believe anything I said. I just want the illusion of being relevant. But it's odd we live in a world with so many real issues so overcooked and ready to be solved. Did a great man not once say, "People should not be killed over the color of their skin, but the content of their character"? Racism is the equivalent to hating someone because you don't like the color teal on their San Jose Sharks uniform. Which is admittedly a corny jersey but. I don't believe in gay or straight marriage. Deal it out with wills and contract law. If marriage is between a man and a woman it's weird people readily allow the government into their bedroom. If we're all equal, I don't see why marriage gets you tax benefits.

War, homelessness, homicide, violence, suicide, for-profit prison systems, corrupt business practices and a disregard for our finite natural resources almost seem to be taking a backseat to... cat calling. The barbaric genital mutilation of infants still legal and overwhelmingly practiced in this country gets less attention than whatever adult Caitlin Jenner is doing with her dick. And government spying isn't a big deal because I'm not doing anything wrong. Anyone who says that, post your address. I just want to watch you sleep a while like a vampire in Twilight.

I know just as nothing as the next man. But I do know rapper Common did not get in a time machine and travel back to walk the streets of Selma with Martin Luther King so we could live in such a racially, socially, and sexually segregated society. Now get in the pit and try to love someone.

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