Monday, May 5, 2014

Random Concotion of Quotes

I refer to people in their own country as foreigners. When I go to other countries I act like they're visiting me. - Patrice O'Neal

Then I spent another 4 hours debunking the movie I just watched, till I realized: I don't give a fuck if we went to the moon. I got bills to pay. - Doug Stanhope

I live in a cosmically wrong world, and I'm proud of it. - Albert Brooks

You may assume people are thinking the worst about you but i'd be willing to best that most of the time, 99% of the time you're wrong, because most of the time people are thinking about themselves. And the sooner you accept that, the less likely you are to put yourself in a position that will make you uncomfortable. Insecurity is what drives us into situations that only add to the pile of shit that we're eventually gonna have to dig ourselves out of. - Penn Jillette

NFL playoff predictions for the 2014-2015 season 123 days before the playoffs begin: 

4 Eagles
3 Green Bay
2 Saints
1 Seahawks

First round bye

WC: Bears vs. Eagles (4th seed)
WC: 49ers vs. Green Bay (3rd seed)

Bears embarrass Eagles at home
Green Bay dominates 49ers

Bears vs. Seahawks (1st seed)
Green Bay vs. Saints (2nd seed)

Seahawks destroy Bears
Green Bay sacrifices Saints

Seahawks vs. Green Bay

Green Bay upsets Seattle at home



Chiefs (WC1) vs. Colts (4th seed)
Bengals (3rd seed) vs. Ravens

Colts over Chiefs
Bengals over Ravens, finally win something


Colts vs. Broncos (1st seed)
Pats (2nd seed) vs. Bengals

Broncos over Colts by one point
Bengals over Pats after Brady emotional breakdown


Broncos vs. Bengals

Broncos win by a hair

2 Pats
3 Bengals
4 Colts
1st Broncos

WC 6 ravens
WC 5 Chiefs


GB over Broncos in stupid unenjoyable game because it's football

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