Monday, May 5, 2014

Gospel of Gender Inequality

Weird social experiment I tried today. So I'm over watching Divergent for the eighth time at the movie cinema, you know how we do, when I decide to put a big Styrofoam S right before the exit sign. So it effectively reads "Sexit." Then, the most remarkable thing happens. A bunch of men, with mesh hats and large creepy 1970s glasses stand up together and march in unison like they're extras in the movie Dark City, and walk towards the Sexit sign.

It was a harrowing sight. I don't know what the men expected, a brothel, a peep show, a Gl*ryhole. I don't know what they expected to sex. Luckily I was with my feminist sisters who protected me from my own emotions. Quickly I dialed -469, which is the 911 for reporting atrocities perpetuated by the patriarchy. We arranged it so the sleepwalking, zombified men were arrested To Catch a Predator-style and publicly shamed.

Luckily, I was at the part of the movie where Tris shoots a bow and arrow right through the gender wage gap of a giant monster representative of the male oligarchy. No police escort was necessary as I was so empowered by the end credits.

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