Monday, January 20, 2014

Vertigo is Overrated and Stupid

All that work just to fake the death of his wife? Get out. No one would be this stupid.

Typical Hitchcock jumping the shark. Gets everything technically perfect except the premise.

Even if he was running some insurance scam, dude, you've got to believe the actions he followed were the stupidest you could possibly think of.

Here's what the Bad Man does in the movie:

1. Includes an accomplice to murder
2. Dresses that accomplice up as his dead wife
3. Does endless research for backstory to make suicide look like a ghost possession
4. Thinks ghost possession is better a suicide story than just you know, sadness
5. Requires his accomplice give Oscar-caliber performances to a detective so the story isn't suspect
6. Directly links himself with his murder via his witness, Joe Detective
7. Has a romance with his accomplice, then dumps her
8. The wife is already dead. He had already found a way kill her, and the best suicide idea he had was throwing her off of a church? It wouldn't be easier to just put a gun in her hand and pull the trigger? Why couldn't his mistress be a witness? Why is a witness even necessary?
9. Mastermind's best plan was to hide at the crime scene in a janitor's closet while cops surrounded the joint

Essentially the bad man goes way out of his way to create some implausible elaborate way to frame his wife's suicide involving another man's fear of heights, a female co-conspirator / mistress, a backstory involving ghost possession and a detailed history of his wife's specific family background up to and including hereditary mental illness. He could have easily found a better way to fake her suicide by, say, poisoning her oatmeal and forging a suicide note.

This movie is stupid.

Also it's boring.


  1. Vertigo is NOT overrated. Its a phenomenal movie. Maybe you just need to rewatch it