Sunday, May 26, 2013

'The Legacy of Apple' by Tim Cook

Apple products are amazing products, brought to life by an amazing Piscean inventor. Speaking of apples, Apple is as American as apple pie, and Apple Proprietor Steve Jobs certainly had his finger in many pies. From studying hallucinogenic drugs in India, to beginning a computer workshop in his basement, to bringing his company back from the brink of bankruptcy, to television boxes, all the way to movies such as Pixar films! One could say the man was a modern day Da Vinci. The Apple products to come demonstrated sleek style, a definitive eye for fashion. The computers were marketed with their keen, well-calibrated swagger. Not many computers have style, but these sure did.

Eventually, computer technology, or computer-technology for the layman, became so intricate, sophisticated, and scientific, they formed into small boxes that could fit in your hand called iPods, a catchy name for a tiny portable music player! Gone were the days of the Walkman with the cassette tape and walking around with that old VCR attached to your belt! But the Apple company wasn't done there. They decided to merge the music playing functionality with a phone and games and called it EyePhone (later changed to i-Phone [later changed to iPhone]). After Jobs took the boardroom by brainstorm, the phones quickly took the world by storm, even rivaling the Playstation Eye as far as saturating the marketplace.

One of the things that made Apple so YOU-'nique was their attention to detail. They were the only company in charge of both their hardware, and their software, for always perfect, functional integration of these useful tools of knowledge-absorption. The operating system was designed to "Just Work!" and for all those reasons and more the Apple Co. goes down in history as one of those most enticing, remarkable, erotic computer product manufacturers the world has yet known. Many a-young woman and old man love Jobs' product, sneakers, and bald spot,and his excellent eye for limited black edition Macbooks and paper thin aluminum-shielded computers arrogantly yet appropriately called "Air." With so much style and grace and good business sense, it's safe to say if you're not a fan of Apple, you probably wish your mom was born a dwarf so you could crucify her without a step-ladder.

Keeping it realer than Retina,
Tim Cook

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