Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not to sound crazy

But I hope each and every one of you recognize that this is a pivotal time for us as human beings. We're experiencing growing pains on a global scale as the result of a rapid increase in technology of the likes not yet seen, similar to that of pre-adolescence to puberty in a young child. The masses have become a neurotic mess by this most delicate situation and it's important to be mindful during the transition. It would surprise few to learn all the disaster and social disarray encompassing the globe are part of that.

As the powers that be reach for the utmost depths to benefit during the economic collapse understand money is not real power, actions and ideas are. Effective manipulation of the masses has only fear to rely upon. Here's where a little faith in your fellow man comes through. Appealing to a person's sense of reason is more powerful than the threat of an atomic weapon. Any population out of line with nature will fall to its heels. Anyone believing tyranny, oppression and murder as means for their progress is a good idea doesn't realize the risk of self-destruction by these methods outweigh potential positive consequences.

So as we stand on the cusp of great change it's important to note that, as it was once said, the greatest truths typically lie hidden beneath our nose. The greatest truth of which comes from the advice to pick love over fear while exercising caution. Should we not, we will regress instead of reaching progress, devastating our planet and its inhabitants if not annihilating them. Should we choose to mend closer together and champion our similarities over differences—while not negating either side to ensure the positive aspects of our culture and any ideas fostering creativity are kept intact—we can build cities more ingenious mysterious and perplexing than we currently find the Great Pyramids.

We can travel space, see the stars, finally know the truth of Roswell and all other sightings kept secret, and meet and greet the alien nations of nearby galaxies as we become a Type 1 civilization and beyond. We can travel through space to other planets and study their environments and bang wide-faced alien babes resembling a young Michelle DellaFave. It would be a great shame if we destroyed ourselves before exploring what would seem like the entire universe compared to what we now know.

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