Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just had rough, depraved sex with a random wife

My engorged member entered her deeply. She gasped with a passive lack of willingness but understood her need for compliance. Hands got lost in alleys while eyes stared into abysses. Even the Jaws of Life made an appearance. I searched the contours of her ivory flesh, stroking every inch in hopes of finding any inconspicuous indentation of skin. I investigated her head and her every intent by putting my fingers through her hair while judging her spirit with a piercing stare. Kisses were left planted like a bad detective would evidence—on her lips, her neck and collarbone—to help with the act of security's final measure. At last I planted my seed into her to make sure any potential harm was flushed out of weapon-harboring ovaries. All in a day's work. Being a TSA agent is no easy task.

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