Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love & War (Me and Alyx 2K10)

Intro/shout: love is beyond the fall of every man..!
Science! Intelligence! Ivy puss-puss!

I'm rockin' the scopes to debase my enemies
Don't mean the sniper rifles
Scientist in the lab lookin' at the microbes
We got AKs, y'all got glocks to scare
On lock I got biological warfare
I've got four eyes - Ain't nothin' to mess with
Unstoppable, the world's champion at Tetris
Global domination force-feeding peons the blue pill
Starting war 'monst the proles as an Illuminati shill
Do What Thou Wilt my boy Crowley said
Cut-throat with my foes and even my friends
Killer, drunker, hunker, raper, not faker than Humphrey Bogart
Dumber than a relapsin' Robert Downey reprising Tony Stark
Infiltration of the world like weeds growing higher than I'm high on weed
Raping Mother Earth like a young flirt just to spread my seed

fuck dealin with real girls
I'd rather fuck real dolls
Real girls constantly with their opinions
Their mixed signals and neurotic shenanigans
You better sing me Lovefool by Cardigans
And mean it, and mean it nigga
And get me a giftcard to Banana Republic
That's the girl Ima fall in love with
Need an ethnic mixed bitch like Alyx Vance
She's ridin' shotgun in my Hotrod Cadillac
Bringing along a duffel bag full of Peeps
Yeah, to make the nectar of my loins xtra sweet
The thought gets her wet and weak
Don't believe me read the Wiki
Readin' the 'pedia all the time like an intellectual
Learning tantric trix to give the Vance proper sexual
Grab, touch, lick, suck, flip, fuck, blow
No - keep that headband on like Rambo
No fear - I'm working on the inside with the Combine
"Combine" will apply only to our juices over your thighs
Girl you got me riled, horny in the damn pants
Superego and cock suped up for some A*lix* Vance

So Godly Jesus offered me the hand of his daughter
So icy ponds freeze under me when I walk water
So trill your wife's mine now but keep the kids
So straight I make you fluff me wearing a wig
Sexing your Sally Hams while you crying and jackin
Two fingers in my ass and you're the bigger faggot
Yeah I said it, Last Tango in Paris with your girl, brother
I'm taking your home, too, better hope you're outta butter
Ledger said it best, "it's all part of the plan"
Puttin' the globe on lock - project mayhem
Check the sky, the stars is a backdrop
Created by the globalists to hide God
Sew your mouth shut this existence is ours
You'll know us by a lack of smiles and law

Uh! [The End/Exodus/Ridin' Bomb/Strangelove-style]

The intricate snowflake macromode rorschach
Defining rationale splitting atoms into stacks
Working for the government doing time travel
Great benefits and a day is never dull
Sometimes I travel for pleasure, sometimes for business
Last week I watched as slaves built the pyramids
Yesterday I laid Jojo a day before her 18th birthday
Figure after that night she's past prime & worthless
Kissed her, slapped her, took 'er in the ass
Then gave her a quick Men In Black pen flash
Continued writing my thesis on controlling proles
Rewrote in rhymes & put cement in the plot-holes
Hotwire, hotbot, hotmail, ultra-violence
Loading up the space-time machine, sky's the limit
Strap in my seat, the cushion, the system - shit my pants
Counting down 3, 2, 1 Cuddle-gripping Alyx Vance
The power of fusion yells
Dr. Hojo plays for us The Sinking Belle
STEAM RISING we're blasting off
Out my nose go streams of snot
Got my genitals locked with those of Alyx
We're flying both naked with our jetpacks
Can't hardly breathe she's blocking my lungs
Tonguing each other with mouths full of Funyuns
She's playing Nintendo DS with her free hand
Glad I can make her cum unlike Gordon Freeman
We're both cumming all up in the front
In the back an endless stream of excrement
Crying & flying in the air to dominate the world
Breaking the sky, space & time as we hurl

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