Monday, October 12, 2009

You're no longer my Uncle, Bob

What a dreadful ordeal. Just now, I'm eating a late night banana snack to repress any midnight cravings. Now, they're not fun to eat, so I scarfed it down quickly. Too quickly, it would turn out. I began choking.

As I'm staying at my Uncle's, I rushed upstairs to his room and barged in without knocking. There my lovely Aunt April was, bent on the bed getting the dirtnasty from my Uncle Rico. I was too suffocating to much notice their hedonistic endeavor.

I signaled to my perplexed Unkie Rico, waving him toward my throat. He got behind me with his engorged junk and started performing the Heimlich maneuver. The humping that ensued was so awkward and embarrassing, I wish I had let the banana kill me.

Upon coughing banana bits on Auntie April's tits, my Uncle consoled me with a pat on the shoulder to douse the flames of shame. I can't say that's the worst of it, as shame wasn't the only reason I needed a second shower.

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  1. I came like a wildcat! Yer a good nephew.