Sunday, October 4, 2009

Women: The Enemy

Why would I want a raging erection? Where does that fit into God's divine plan? Women are nonsense restricting us from divinity and eternal life. Now, putting women out of the picture allows men the urgency to act fast and steadily toward our goal of making men invincible. Until eradicating this problem, men will continue to fall prey under the female spell of "charm," or their main weapon to force unwanted procreation and dissatisfaction in their aim to destroy all life.

Their goal is to obsess the population with Ikea and duvets and fancy glass bottles. We, in turn, are set to auto-pilot mode in a belief the eternal kingdom is NOT ours, and hence, needlessly procreate to endanger our own human species by means of self-destruction through ignorance. As the populations are dumbed down per flower curtains and perfume smell, men will continue to buy warranties and truckballs, ignoring more important scientific pursuits.

Women are freaks of nature that represent a perversion of the human spirit — a one-off, deranged, crooked river forged by the devil known as indifference. Oneness is perfection. As such, to rid this duality, we must find and vaporize the female chromosomes, and mix this female antidote into every water supply. Speaking of which, I just doused my privates and boxerbriefs under a pouring jug of ice cold water to cease my state of arousal. Nice try with your salacious photographs, Heather.

The rule of women is commonplace and undeniable. It stems from their innate nature and attraction to their same sex. Yes, all females are — without question — burning with sexual desire for other females. Men are merely used as pawns. A fine example would be at you local mall. Women dabble in their deadly game of manipulation (e.g. "holding hands"), making men docile and susceptible to the relinquishment of charge cards. This is not man's true nature, but rather, he's sedated into a zombie-like state with mouth agape, rolling eyes, and led by hand. Other man-zombie activities include moving furniture, loving their Mother-in-law, and celebrating Sweetest Day.

To fully understand the struggle of men we must study the motives of women. They spend upward of $500 dollars on a purse, but when's the last time a raggedy purse stopped a male from coital pursuit? The purse is to create envy and spark interest in other females. Even during love-making their minds are concentrated on laundry and what fabrics in the home are without rose petal prints. No amount of cash money can halt their gay nature. If you've ever seen orgy porn (I haven't), you'll notice every time: two young, tender harlots — even when getting plowed individually by exhausted zombie-men — cannot keep their eyes off each other.

The self-destructive element to a woman's nature is boredom. After, "This isn't what it looks like," "I'm bored" is their most popular phrase. This is what drives their desire to watch the world burn. This also explains a lustful desire in the only other beings understanding of their plight — other latent lesbian lunatics. The solution to the lesbian, psychotic female plot is simple: eradicate the female race, pursue knowledge, drink Powerade, and play rad video games.

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  1. Great idea I'll prime the pump by watching gay porn. If there's no pussy around I'm fucking something and it'll have to be another dude. I figure our aversion to the outside world, love of video games, and illicit drug use will bring us together. Practice felching Sunshine. I know, gross right? Think about it. To felch you must leave a deposit. That's right my sweet ass is yours! I wuv woo Gothy.