Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There is a crack in everything

That's where the creep gets in. — Leonard "Pussyfire" Cohen

"The thing the women backstage at concerts don't realize, is that I like setting fire to pussy. There's no innuendo there. This deep voice didn't just come from whiskey and cigarettes, but out of respect for the divinity of the vulva, and setting said snatches on fire. When it comes to inspiration, "I'm Your Man," or that song about Suzanne — the one the California Raisins covered — nothing beats drooling some siphoned gasoline on the fertile, typically bare land near a female's candy jar. A cheap set of hotel matches later, and you got yourself some flaring, beautiful embers, and enough inspiration to create an entire fanbase. Not to mention, Pussyfires keep that area smooth as a whistle and produce twice the shrill." — Leonard Cohen

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