Monday, January 26, 2009

The expression "apples and oranges"

It does not sit well with me. Apples and oranges aren't that different. For one, they're both fruits. They both come from trees. They both have a rough skin. They both have seeds at their center. They're both sweet and they both spoil.

The expression should be changed.

Apples and:

Shopping carts.
The idea of "love at first sight."
Luke Perry.
Identity theft.
Beige cardigans.
Lost innocence.
Truck stops.
Lima, Peru.


  1. The agony of defeat.
    Colostomy bags.
    People who take things for granted.
    Deceased models who have faded into obscurity.
    The Ramones' first four albums.
    The decline of the Soviet Union.

  2. where I'm from it's still 'apples & oysters'. I'm sure you approve.