Monday, May 10, 2021

Your inevitable microchipped future

all of you in three months
If humanity continues down its trajectory of progress, you will be microchipped. The only exclusion is some scenario where there is no future as we understand it due to apocalyptic settings or post-war environment, or a relentless, sustained effort to the contrary. The last of the three is least likely. Anyone capable of a modicum of rational human thought sees this inevitability. Humans and technology will merge. To disbelieve it is to be incredibly naive.

A distinction should be made between the enlightened paranoid and cranks. Only a fool believes the far-fetched scenario that this is done against the will of the people. It will be at their behest. It will be at their insistence. It will be done in the name of safety. It's already the excuse for our beloved pets, cattle, and wildlife. It also exists already in humans. There is rich irony is in the lack of imagination conspiracy theorists have.  

What dictates society is always in the middle, the average. It's not the fringe people. It's certainly not the lower class. It's about the middle class and average, and how the well-educated and the rich can exploit and influence them. This may change. Currently the average is working class families. They have some form of indentured servitude where they can never turn their back economically on their offspring, nor the health insurance so many of their jobs provide. 

The interest and the economics of the middle class are cemented if you look at the most popular Google keywords for their AdSense program:

Insurance $54.91
Loans $44.28
Mortgage $47.12
Attorney $47.07
Credit, etc

Number one is insurance. People want assurances. People want to know their loved ones are you going to be looked after and taken care of. Parents buy their children expensive smartphones now at increasingly younger ages to know where they are at all times and in case they need help. This great economic mover could change. Like people in Japan and some European countries there could be a decline in reproductive rates. But biology has a clear reproduction bias.

Humans have a clear inclination toward convenience. We are already have computerized banking. We have credit scores. China is experimenting with a social credit rating. We have levels of education and degrees. It stands to reason an amalgamation of these credit and merit systems invariably comes to be.

To some extent this exists. People are tagged. Lawsuits against company forcing the tagging of employees have been filed. We have phones operating to reduce people's privacy right now through metadata and other means. But phones can be lost and left at home. A technology that merges with man theoretically increases safety and security. It is precise and can be implemented with failsafes to guarantee its tied the right person. 

The how of this reality is more curious. If this sort of state were implemented overnight at the direction of government, it would be more easily considered some fascist sign of the endtimes. Instead it will be slowburn. Probably it will stem from the excuse of keeping children and property safe backed by the middle class. Then it will be for the sick, to track their vital signs as a preventative measure. Next could be government officials because the sensitive nature of their work and security clearances. Once critical mass is reached, those still resisting, will be squeezed by way of denied conveniences. At some point it's likely everyone has a HUD, giving you information about yourself and strangers they willingly share. Anyone without a chip will be seen with extreme suspicion. 

How far does it go? Lets say you're a #nochipper, a harsh renegade, still using a flip phone in 2047. None of the conveniences could get you. Depending on how far computer technology advances, it won't matter. As high tech advancements are birthed into our reality, you're going to need them just to fight off the potential threat of these machines manipulated by criminals. If it isn't Big Brother after you, you're compromised by your ratting Little Brother neighbors. Save that, you can be barred from certain experiences or from accessibly communicating with the tech'd up.

There is no viable escape. In a world with increasing technology and automation there's increased need for accountability. Just think of the amount of bodycam footage and cellphone video changing the landscape of media and helping to solve crimes. With its promise to curb violent crime and terrorism it's an easy sell. What was it Benjamin Franklin said, "People who trade a lot of liberty for a little security are absolutely bang on."

Thoughts on this will be expanded upon in controversial upcoming article Ted Kaczynski was wrong

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