Sunday, July 19, 2020

Alphas are modern cucks

And cucks are modern alphas. Let’s run this down: why would one care about their partner’s monogamy? A: You’re a beta. Right now you’re seething with rage, getting ready to type verbal excrement about how you’re a total pushover if you’re in an open relationship. That’s almost a fair point. My question is, why would you want a relationship? Answer: you’re also a cuck.

The old saying with regard to pre-marital relations is, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” It echos the reality of women’s sexual value in the mating marketplace. But the men of heroic virtue, the best of both worlds, ask, “After you’ve gotten the milk, why are you staying around to pet the cow?” A truly supreme being takes the cow’s milk freshest, from tap, and as the frothing milk spills all over his beard and iron armor, he humbly requests one of his servants care for the cow.

Cucks (those who demand monogamy) demand relationships because they are weak. Instead, you could be reading on Napolean, playing Minecraft, or writing a manifesto for a global fascist dictatorship inside the hollowed-out remains of where once stood a Planet Fitness.

Everyone with a rudimentary understanding of human behavior knows stereotypically men seek physical beauty and exclusive reproductive access vs. women who pursue resources. Genetically, a man desires to spread his seed far and wide, but that was the old game under the old rules. After enlightenment came Darwinism, informing a new basis for human consciousness and mortality not informed under the umbrella of religion. This self-awareness brought on existential philosophy, raised questions on meaning, absurdity, and the desire to perpetuate one’s lineage. This is the new game, of global interconnectedness that leads a human reality of infinite novelty and an as infinite-sum game.

Why do you want a relationship? You’re scared to be alone. You like fuzzy cuddles and small talk. Oh, does someone want hugs and kisses? Does someone want their personal insecurities quelled? What are you, a 4-day-old? Meanwhile, you can’t stop texting a woman every 15 minutes when she says she’s at the mall because you’re afraid you’ll be cheated on and your feelings will be hurt. This is beta behavior. This is betahavior. Or, you’re afraid your partner gets an STD. You’re a grown adult still afraid of cooties. Embarrassing.

Perhaps there is a caveat. What if you want kids? Well, if you want kids, naturally you need a stable relationship, and monogamy helps toward this end. However, wanting kids only tacks on negative points to your total cuck-life rating and beta philosophy. Only the bitchest of men would welcome the nuisance of increasingly gigantic, live-in pests. We know Darwin, we know Dawkins, who replaced god with hedonistic impulse. There’s zero reason to have children, unless you’re starting a family to prove you’re a non-tyrannical “family man” to polish your public image as you take-over nations, and as you have nannies who are secretly your mistresses watch over them.

Beta alpha Chads often ask things like, “Is this the future mother of your children?” to shame slutty women and the men who love them. They’re the same weak-minded people who will complain about female body hair with “It’s not very feminine!” If the only thing stopping you from twat is a little body hair, you’re not very masculine. This is a strange form of gatekeeping in the pretend masculine arena to hold the mantle on what’s considered attractive where their wits won’t suffice. Then they act surprised when their woman leaves them for a man with dreadlocks who runs a hookah lounge and acts like Prince.

Anyone who needs a partner is weak. You are a cuck if your partner is not easily-replaceable. If your partner is easily-replaceable (within 8 hours), you’re not in a proper relationship because those are long-term romances that require stability and compromise (AKA the requirements of broken and damaged individuals).

What are you if, you:

Want a relationship
Want children
Want emotional stability (lol)
Want faithfulness

Notice how sissy this sounds. These “alpha,” modern cucks want guaranteed monogamy and sexual reproductive access because they’re so scared of the pain of cheating and rejection, or having to find a replacement despite their lack of skills and confidence in doing so. That’s why they get furious and filled with jealous rage if a female talks to another person. Or they lie to keep multiple potential partners interested out of that same lack of confidence. A worthy person doesn’t care. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Genghis Khan didn’t hate the one who got away, because he had hundreds more to take their place.
The ideal relationship is portrayed in Conan the Barbarian when Conan makes love to a stray witch before freeing her into nearby flame.
Someone will make the argument about how, as we age, we need our offspring or spouses to care for us as we’re older. Two flaws: first, what, you want to impede your children’s life success so they take care of you? Epitomizing beta. Second, your spouse will grow old. If your only argument is the kinship you share is very strong, okay, become penpals, then have a cadre of attractive young nurses instead of children and wives to take care of you. Likely cheaper in the long run as you are insured against potential alimony. Of course, if you are looking at marriage from a financial standpoint as a cost-benefit analysis you’re poor and hence a wife and family is your life’s participation trophy, relegated to the pathetic state of liking Ben Shapiro destroys videos as you lose your mental faculties and slide further into existential insignificance.

This even plays into the pinnacle of male sexual prowess, the pimp. What is a pimp? A pimp is someone with many women he sends out to fuck other dudes. He watches over them, mediates disputes between the women (AKA “a good listener”), and if a trick gets aggressive, he becomes the protecting whiteknight. They also get their sexual needs met by these promiscuous, often ugly women. This is entirely cuck behavior except the money is going the other way.

Who doesn’t behave this way? Who doesn’t get jealous, fear rejection, slut-shame someone’s sexuality or want a serious relationship? Likely only Matthew McConaughey and actual cucks. People like Will Smith who lets his wife fuck a 27-year-old rapper while gaslighting the public and pretending they’re not bisexual swingers. Healthy open relationships like Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain before he hung himself. Miley Cyrus destroying her marriage to kiss a woman on a yacht. That’s right, Liam Hemsworth the bastion of manhood was cucked out of his marriage by another woman, when he could have asked to watch or participate instead. Yet in traditionalist Chad fashion he divorced, when he could have had two girlfriends sixty-nining on a yacht silhouetted before the setting sun until it got so boring he chose to read Camus instead.

Now sure, most of this essay’s attitudes toward sexual coupling may come across as callous, objectifying, and denying of agency. But that’s what attraction and physicality is, you don’t fixate on someone across a room thinking what their personality might be like. Life is about winning the sum of all games. Some people have quaint notions of domesticated lives and romanticism. And yes, there may be beauty in conquering the bittersweet melancholy of “love,” with your partner, as you balance work and life ambitions with family. But why stop there when you can take a page from the book of Mormon and juggle multiple wives, taking things to higher heights and higher stakes for all joys life has to offer. Imagine how fun and funny and rewarding Thanksgiving is going to be when your stepchildren intermarry.

If this appears sexist it’s because it’s not written from a woman’s perspective. The female version of this person is likely an Onlyfans user, receiving an oil rig worker’s yearly salary in monthly donations, with just enough mystery and provocativeness to be in a constant state of attention. With her overt or “accidental” sexuality, she is a pimp of simps, and from this attention are hordes of viewers who hope maybe one day that attention will turn to them. Without exaggeration, 15K dudes will watch a video of a lady with a hint of personality eating a sushi tray who is streaming YouTube videos, and pay for the privilege.

And this speaks to a controversial point that feminism gets a bad rap. Sure, third wave feminism is about female power, largely toxic, and seemingly indifferent to third-world women. However, the welcome counterpart to this is the 50 Shades of Grey feminism, where 21st-century women seek liberation, through literal contractual enslavement. Perhaps instead of being a tepid men’s right activist you could convince a Miller-Lite swilling five-out-of-ten that your franchise investment in a Dollar General is an “empire,” and your half finished garage is a “playroom.” Hey, Steve Jobs started there, you can, too. Instead, marriages go bland and women are blamed as the gatekeepers of sex, when it could be the psychological chastity imposed by men who cannot seem to navigate their madonna-whore complexes. They ask for novelty and complain of frigidity, and act Victorian when a woman asks to equally explore her whoredom.

Now anyone who doesn’t see the charm of this article is probably some want-to-be alt-righter who visits dork LARPing websites like Return of Kings or A Voice For Men. You know, alpha males who apparently have nothing better to do than call people cucks all day online. Or they are Men Going Their Own Way. Laughable, because you can’t go your own way in a group. They are demented enough to the extent they would be better off as paypigs, at least that form of chastity comes with it self-awareness. We’re talking about the level of people so bad interpersonally, they ask how to get into the friend zone.

Anyone who doesn’t objectify their partner is not doing their due diligence, women and men alike. Cucks (modern alphas) treat women as pornographic actors, there for display in a personal theater as they watch from an iron throne with a monocular and no risk of disease, intimacy, children, or unneeded emotional attachment. Treating persons as inanimate objects for our implacable needs is the only way forward and is the evolutionary ideal, as we seek infinite novelty, and later the stars. For once the sexual desire known as “The Little Death” is expelled, we can renew again our noble pursuits of philosophy and scientific discovery.

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