Tuesday, April 28, 2020

99 Hot Face Masks and Hotties For Summer '20

When you want to advertise your Etsy without stating it explicitly

This floral facemask will get rid the pesky smell of the Commoners

Make your hippy gf happy and silent at the same time

This lady has dicks on her face, looks like her 5th grade bully was right

We'll protest fascists again once we regain our constitutional rights

When she gets to exhibit her Tumblr fetish in daily life

With 60% of my face covered I look just like Anna Kendrick

This Scorpion-looking demon-broad will have you screaming Get Over Here (though that's not good)

This is the tshirt of my mistress wtf is covid-19

The butterface-cure deluxe

When you want to be let in the grocery store but the only item you want to pick up is corona

We're here to culturally appropriate the future

Transparent face mask so you can still force people to laugh at your jokes

Donno what this is it fell off batman's waist

When you want someone to not like you despite your inability to use facial expressions

This couple thinks they belong on a Mars Volta cover like they weren't social distancing for years

I call this mask Panda Express because you think it's from a market when it was actually created in a lab

When it can only improve your singing voice

Record unemployment? I'm finally hired since I can cover my Aryan Brotherhood face tattoo

The virus is a hoax I'm just hiding the fact I once starred in a  Jason Bourne film

Author request: I don't have a caption please just find me and beat me

No one call tell I'm not a doctor I'm just here to check out ladies in the maternity ward

A token from a slain mariachi

The mask matches the carpet but the fire down there is chlamydia

I had a dream my cats could mask their ears. ...Anyone?

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