Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jeff's Inferiority Complex - Peep Show Theory

Instead of starting a separate blog no one visits as well, I'm going to throw in seemingly unrelated opinions and content here for posterity. They're examinations of a television comedy show that I think represents the height of the medium.

Mark: (Yeah, you won't be so cocky, Jeff, when I come into the office with a Kalashnikov and 200 rounds of ammunition.)
He was no doubt a king of the schoolyard type in high school, but eventually reality hit and he had to mature and ends up in the corporate world. He's leashed up by a suit and tie and thrown into a world where intellect matters more. He is intellectually intimidated by Mark. Notice, after he and Mark verbally or otherwise compete he looks down or is nervous with embarrassment.

A few examples:
  • Jeff's reaction after Mark calls him a trendsetter for photocopying his ass.
  • Jeff's reaction to Mark's stare after he dances with Sophie in Dance Class.
  • When Jeff is shot with a bullet made of Scottish finance regulations.
  • Jeff makes a joke about Sophie keeping other guys up and Mark takes it in stride, causing Jeff to cower and look around for approval.
  • Mark's reaction to Jeff's 3-department merger leaves him stunned.
His subtle facial twitches wouldn't have been noticed by the layman but to me, he might as well have been sobbing. Even Dobby gets a pop at his self-consciousness with her Jeff's Doing a Joke bit. His secret sensitivity is shown when he cries into Sophie's dress. It's further displayed still, helping Sophie during her pregnancy and with baby Ian, a child who isn't his, but perhaps he wishes was.

†Oh, looky, you spotted the Watchmen quote.

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