Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mostly Right

 We live in an internet era with no attention span so here is a picture of Superman ice cream to keep you intrigued enough to maybe read this

Why don't people just realize society's never going to work. Don't you think it would have happened by now. Not here on earth, but on a cosmic scale. Some form of universal justice. Some ones and zeros basic karma. It can't exist, because then I wouldn't have read about a school bus full of children dying. Now, one might argue Earth's too small to care about. It's nothing more than a germ colony on the back of a fly. But size and scale are relative and any true justice couldn't be dealt fairly with relativity. You couldn't make a man pick between a preventing a genocide vs. letting his son die, so any universal law on rational grounds doesn't seem quantifiable.

One day I was in between two bus stops during one of the most awful times of my life. I hadn't slept in days. The humid climate and wind caused my nose to get runny. I reached into my bookbag and grabbed a dirty shirt of mine as it was the only way to wipe myself off. Just before that a very well dressed Asian guy pulled up in his fast and furious type of automobile, probably to pick up one of his seven girlfriends, and saw me do it. He gave me this smirk like, thanks to dorks like you, people as cool as me are allowed to exist. And you know what, he was right. This story has nothing to do with the rest of this writing, I just feel this is a heavy subject and I must release its tension.

We live in a world of too much violence and terror. But in an appropriate and balanced world, the lust for new life to subdue boredom would still be there. Like with the oil boom, when life gets easier, people fuck and then things fuck up. Eventually an equilibrium will always be reached between finite resources and the humans who need them. Even if we managed to subdue the problems of eating, shitting, and shelter, a battle of ideas will always emerge between ideas of structure vs. non-structure. People will want to build parameters and rules and others will want to bend them. And structure itself is a kind of finality. But ideas are the only things infinite. So in any contained life form, with any stability at all, there will be a contention between a unified force seeking things to be a certain way, vs. the needs of others' ideas to consume and challenge and dismantle. Which comes with growing pains and suffering. In short, nothing is sustainable. Yet so many lead their lives under the delusion of a utopian aim.

 Being cool and Asian aren't mutually exclusive

All that aside, ethics are wet cement. You would think not killing each other would be easy. But that ideology comes from a relatively privileged life. I don't have any residual pain from having my people murdered. The right thing is often relative. I think charity is a narcissistic waste of time, because we put a title on it, when it's only doing the logical thing and sharing excesses you have no use for. People think giving is a clear path to goodness, but you wouldn't be charitable to a terrorist. I think there's a lot of smoke and mirrors. And the most charitable thing you can do is love your life and whatever you do, completely, even through the drudgery, because it inspires others to do the same. Which won't solve all the problems, but it might cause the least. So while I would love for crimes to end, I don't feel fairies will descend from the sky to prevent them. There's no fun in life without challenge, so the word perfection is a waste of breath. To that end, never do the right thing. Always do the mostly right but slightly wrong thing.

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