Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Killing Gophers All Day

Life is stupid. We struggle to make our lives better only to find the feeling is fleeting because it's all relative. You build yourself a city. Then you find the area invested with gophers or what not. Then you've got to kill gophers all day just to get by so they don't eat your cocacola crop.

Then you start a family. Then you deal with their problems. Then they hate you for not raising them perfectly, meanwhile the economic paradigm is screwed because the better your world is the more people want to breed creating a perpetual loop of need and unsustainability in our world of finite resources.

At some point life becomes only function. The overbearing weight of no freewill and futility mold you until a predictable eating shitting and sleeping machine. We're robots on an endless grind, persuaded by the carrot on a string illusion that reproducing is an intellectually engaging activity.

Even the people with the best lives on the planet have got to deal with mold and spilled milk and toilets and gopher infestation. Ben Affleck, Saudi princes who inherit oil dynasties, you, everyone.

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