Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Martin Luther King's Second Dream

What if Martin Luther King had not died, instead been cryogenically frozen and came back today.

Well, first he'd take a few months off the assess the situation and modern events. Then I believe he would make another speech. But he wouldn't have to do his speech in front of millions of people. Instead, he'd vlog about it. Because the internet reaches more people these days.

He'd get in front of his dingy webcam and the video would begin by him adjusting it. It would be a horrible angle, like that lower-than-your-face, looking-up-at-you angle. He would be fresh outta bed with afro-bedhead going on. He would only have one earbud in, the other hanging casually down the side. And in true crap quality, pixelated 480i resolution he'd be like, "Sup, people. MLK1929 here."

"Just got outta bed guys. I know we did the million man march thing, now I'm trying for a million subscribers. We're doing it big all March long to coincide with my reincarnation. Like, subscribe, comment, share, all that.

I had a dream, people. Had is the key word. Now we live in a post-racial society. Hahahaha, that's what I call an M-L-J-K! Your boy Martin Luther is easing tensions with some humor. But stuff is better, we've now got a black man in the white house misrepresenting the desires of the American people instead of a white man, and I call that progress. That's cool.

Well I'm living in the 21st century now, and now I have a new dream. Things have changed, and our society now has more equality... in its distribution of bigotry, classism, ageism and sexism. And that's all well and good. Something's something.

But I had another dream, people. Maybe it was from the cryogenically frozen coma. The disparity between black and white is still very real and must, like the tyranny of slavery, be abolished. And this form of equality is even more insidious. Because unlike the clear sight of vision, it exists in the mind, my people. This new invisible villain is the inherent racism of the ideological black and white."

"I had another dream, people."
-Unfrozen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

"I have a dream police won't be judged by a few who committed some atrocious transgression, while the rest who thanklessly grind and dive heart first into violent crime go ignored.

I have a dream men won't be judged by a minority of crass, violent individuals, instead of the ones who are self-sacrificing, who too often die without raising a fuss or a flag, unless it's cast next to etched marble stone.

I have a dream women won't be judged as subjects of idolatry, coddled as pristine and all but without need for agency.

I have a dream we can stop demonizing others on the basis of disagreement. Whether it's a steadfast conservative or liberal, ever-ready to cast a ballot not based on their own well-formed opinion, but in blind contempt for whatever the opposition believes.

I have a dream our prison systems will be treated for rehabilitation, and not retribution, and will be sustained for study and the benefit of society, not the profit of private investors.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream taxation will one day be known as charity, given by people in good faith instead of the threat of force.

I have a dream where people see that making one-dimensional, blanket statements about big business isn't too different from corporations generalizing consumers under demographics and dollar signs.

I have a dream people will understand that seeing the poor as gracious and humble is just as ridiculous as stigmatizing the rich as greedy and dishonest is no.

I have a dream that the word morality will become as meaningful as the word money, and that our moral progress can one day eclipse and guide our technological progress.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream the the scales of justice will tip in bias, but only in favor of the fair. An idea as that realizes the true mark of human life is a conscience self-governed.

"You know? Let's go for broke. All or nothing or it's all a joke. You treat the smallest misstep like it's of life or death importance because it is. It all adds up.
Let freedom ring from Colorado to Carhenge
Let freedom ring from the North Pole all the way to Jerusalem
Let freedom ring anew, from North America to South
Let freedom ring from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, and the other two
Let freedom ring to seven continents simultaneously via wireless
Let freedom ring from Heaven to Hell to North Korea
Let freedom ring from Earth to the Universe
I got "Freedom" by George Michael as my ringtone even
Free at last!" he continued. "Free at last! And please subscribe."

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