Monday, August 25, 2014

Up the Crust Punks

Guest entry from the West Street Crust Punx (A local group of punk thugs)

Funny story. So me and my violence gang made up of crust punks and vagabonds are hanging out, chillaxin. We were on cloud nine because we made 20 bucks that day by pretending to need gas money. We live in a fancy squat in the Lower East Side and we hitch free train rides, so life is good.

So my friend "80's Joe" has a boombox on his shoulder jammin Lil Wayne. We decided to go on a shopping spree. We buy a bunch of fancy shit, clothing, hats, trinkets, beer cooler, electrical cords to use as belts. We were high rollin... Like xtc + weed or some shit.

Anyway we leave the Salvation Army just decked out in new clothes. We got like a hundred shopping bags. Then we see these homeless panhandling losers and that song "Rich as Fuck" is playing on my friends boombox. So these homeless beggars are asking for money and right at the chorus of the song my gang sings along at them, "Look at you... Now look at us... All my niggas look rich as fuck!"

We all started rolling at those broke bums. Haha, we embarrassed the hell out of those dejected, grinded-in-the-cogs-of-the-capitalist-apparatus-ass mother fuckers.

On the downside some cops saw everything and took us into the police station but it turns out they just wanted us to retell the stories to their other cop buddies so they could lol as well. Then they gave us nightsticks and sent us home. All in all a very cool day.

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