Sunday, December 29, 2013

"King Radical" The World's Most Expensive Painting

Hello, it's been a while since my last masterpiece. Today, I expose almost three decades of toil that went into my latest artpiece. Technically computer-generated, but no less artful. In fact, that's a large part of the piece.

Now with high brow, high art, most artists tend to add vague connotation to their work. Not I. The best art is speculated on, but those artists, when you dig deep enough, have very simple laid out explanations for their work.

The unisex caricature depicted in my latest PhotoOpus comprises only font text. He is an emoticon. An emotion. He is you, me, everyone, America. He is the Every Man. He is Human. He is He-Man. Her is hermaphrodite. She is shemale occasionally, whenever the wind kicks and the tumbleweeds drag...

King Radical, berthed of technology and computer(s)... has an amazing blue/white hue colo(u)r palette depicting his lighter than air persona. He Floats Through Life in fantasy and in airheaded easiness. Her is simply on Cloud 9...

King Radical is also (swiftly) manuevering through the clouds and Heavens on a skateboard in perfect stride, in perfect glide. And from the Heavens he winks and holds her upturned nose up at you as you forever pray and wish below to be one-tenth the unisex God that is King Radical.

Without further ado... Here is the piece... 

King Radical™ (2013 General Depravity Productions)

Now, admittedly no true artist could ever part with such an exquisite piece. However, I am currently plagued with personal troubles and must do exactly that.

As anyone on earth could see, the context, rarity, and obscurity of such a work and image is so much so I've decided to sell it not at auction, but at the reasonable price of one dollar more than the most expensive artpiece ever sold at action.

All I ask for this piece is:


The cost is a reasonable $1 more than the Francis Bacon's Three Studies of Lucian Freud. Forget Freud, let's speak of Frank. To be Frank this picture is obviously prettier than this disgusting, demonic rubbish Mr. Bacon made. And for the price of one McChicken more, you can own the rights to the above photo and use it in any way you wish.

Think of the endless press you'll get for buying the painting. In a way, the price and attention only reinforces the value. That's how the art world works. You buying it will build interest among the elite art-buyers. I wouldn't be surprised if it doubles in value by the same time next year.

Please add an additional $100 for overnight delivery and the cost of a USB thumb drive to hold the image, or waive this cost if you would like it delivered over email. All related Photoshop files have been destroyed so this photo cannot be modified and parodied.

Now, I understand this will be a high demand piece and everyone wants a part of history. So, for a mere 175 USD I will let you have a purposely degraded copy of this work by taking a picture of it on my cellphone and emailing it directly to you or the giftee of your choosing.

Good luck in acquiring the piece!

Email me via the email link in the upper right corner of this page.

Serious inquiries only.

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