Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colors That Will Be in for Fall 2013

What to wear, zomg. Autumn is here and people will be criticising and judging you if your style isn't up to date. People have been known to do horrific things, such as waterboard people. Unless you want to be literally waterboarded you should heed this advice and be fashionable in the process and wear the right colors.

Human suffering red is a hot color this fall

I'm thinking deep red, crimson, maroonish colors to coincide with the humanitarian efforts and crisis in Syria. Also because fall is the season of decay and death. Just ordered a bloodred Smart HDMI cable and some crimson argyle sweaters. Have yourself seeing red, as in (RED)™ Products. Buy the AIDS Edition™ of your favorite stuff because donations and altruism and charity are only sexy when you wear them.

 Don't be seen without this fashionable HDMI cable unless you're proud to be a f*cking nobody loser

Also, complementary with deep reds are various types of wood grains, perhaps not light bamboo but the deeper dark oak varieties. Wood steering wheels, wood surgical instruments, wood lightning shelters, even furnaces made of wood will all be in for autumn 2013. I'm thinking I'll get a custom wood grain Moto X to look the part this fall. After all it's a season associated with leaves which not only are deeper colors, but are born of wood so there's a duality there. If your cellphone's not made of tree, don't expect any bitches to be BARKing at you come October, ha ha!

the social faux pas of the century is not switching smartphones quarterly

We're taking a more organic, recyclable approach so I'm thinking dark brown boxes are making a comeback for grocery store items such as pasta boxes, and also don't be surprised by a resurgence in paper bags. Think eco-friendly. Mustard yellow, dirty orange, mutilated tomato red, rape purple, will make up a new look as we enter the winter months. Basically think of a sullied Pride flag color-wise and pro gay legislation is so hot so it's a no-brainer. Unless they legalized sodomy laws in those states in that case it's a yes-brainer lmaaoo!

Sexy organic rotini boxes so in style

Lastly, racer stripes. Maybe, as example, the aforementioned brown will find its way into a sweater with a couple eggshell white stripes on each shoulder. Cars, phones, guns, racer stripes are making a comeback. I even expect it on buildings of some of the more modern, progressive ivy league colleges.

Fashion savvy building

I hope this useful guide has been useful for you in taking important precations regarding your social viability and status and not being a f*cking loser nobody nothing. 

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