Thursday, October 25, 2012

A humorless man cannot be trusted

What's funnier than incongruities, nonsense, the absurd. It's almost absurd the idea that anything can be absurd, yet certain things don't make sense. That's where irony comes into play. When people make transgressions they're making them against majority opinion. A simple perversion is the idea that inflicting pain can be used in any way toward the greater good. There's an inherent hypocrisy, that which states two wrongs can't make a right. It may be though, that only the status quo decides what is right. If that's the case, even trying to make a point can be funny, moreso if it's agreed with.

But if we're going by the most basic, universal truths, the ones preached and seldom followed, we're going by honesty and kindness. In other words, truth and good. Are the two synonymous? Or maybe one always brings with it the other. If that's true, my hypothesis is true. You can't tell truth without exposing incongruities. You can't enlighten without exposing bullshit. What's more true will always be more funny. This isn't to say that anything which inspires laughter contains truth. This is to say the people I trust the most are comedians, whether they're aware of it or not.

I've never met a person whom I've found educational that didn't have in them humor or its counterpart, charm. The few teachers that really resonated were coincidentally the most funny, as funny has the lack of ego to admit its own inconsistencies. Still, people are rarely completely honest, or its counterpart, good. To be completely honest would entail an energy beyond fear, anxiety and paranoia. People's impending, shrouded greatness is often guarded and subdued by fear, and often for good reason. What's free speech in one country would have you tried for treason in another.

The deeper your fear the more ironic and subversive you must become to hide your truth from anyone who might choose to use it against you. The opposite must be true then, too. A person wishing to succeed despite being unjust would have to use lies. Certainly it's inline with what works politically. Campaigns exaggerate and mislead for an edge. Joy does not correlate very well with hurting others to get ahead, which may explain why no one in government has a funny bone in their fucking body. If you can trust someone without a playful edge or sense of irony, you're a braver human than I am.

Have any of these insights rang true. I don't know. It wasn't very funny. At least not as funny as the emotional stability of a third shift Denny's waitress. Hiyo.

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