Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love is an Aggro Crag!

Love is everywhere. In wanting to wish some relatives happy trails on an airplane ride. I didn't as being disaffected us an easy out for coping with the irritating impulse to be sensitive. Shut it off and you won't have to feel and painlessness is a great friend. Numbness frees you of nervous volatile worries. But a lack of sensitivity works both ways. Indifference is a cold flavor. And sensitivity stings like a double-edged sword, dogs. It'll just get to a point where "jerk" is considered a curse word. God is everywhere so I won't pray for you. Because my god's love and that mandates he's everywhere. The mechanics repairing your airplane, the pilots, the men and women studying weather patterns to ensure you're safe, the people in the watch towers monitoring air paths, the last minute delay on the runway, the men who check your baggage, the women who check you in, the workers with cones honing you in. But I won't pray for you to be safe. Prayer's an empty slogan like hope that's innately self-defeating. Once you have hope you need no longer do, you wish and you wait. Is that the upper echelon. Is that the Aggro Crag. Is total social sedation the complete shebang. Is death so desirable freedom of any responsibility is the next best thing. Also the second line to this is complete lie. Motherfuck a feelin'!

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