Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 10 Best Death Metal Records of 2011

1. Out of Ideas - Trying to Make Being an Asshole Fashionable
2. Cryptopsy - You Won't Notice This Album Was Previously Released Under a Different Title
3. Bloodbeard - Visiting Gives Me Mystique
4. 49 and Living with Mom - Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle
5. Practicing Pagans - Second Grade Crush Come Back
6. Cannibal Corpse - James Dean-Delusional Grocery Baggers Union (DVD-Audio album)
7. Deicide - Songs Created in the Sonic Parking Lot
8. Evil Hell Damnation - We Believe Edginess and True Evil is Living on Foodstamps in a Trailer and Scaring Away Mom's Boyfriends Because Public Schools Were Too Poor to Teach Us It's Actually Being Sophisticated and Trying to Take Over the Globe (2xCD)
9. Mad at Happy People - Product of My Father's Neglect
10. Napalm Death - The Not Even Craig Martin Likes This EP

Honorable mention: Hateclaw - Bird of Contempt


  1. haaaaaaaaaaa. did you make that album cover? well played.

  2. Yes. The death metal version looked uglier so I went with black metal.