Thursday, March 24, 2011

Law of Three

Three is an important number. You need three legs for a stable table, and it always settles nicely, unlike the wobbly fourth addition. In fact, three is the last important number.

One gets all the credit and attention, after all, it's the loneliest. It's also the beginning, and the least you can have of anything that's whole. It's often the last you can have of certain things: one infinite universe, one mind, one finish line. No one ever asks what your favorite two movies are.

Two is also damned important, because it's where a pattern starts to emerge. It frees plain old number one from its loneliness. It plays a part in duality and symmetry. It serves as a mirror for one to look at and ponder its purpose completely and indefinitely. It's a clone: one is one to the other one, twogether they make quite a duo. It's the magic number of any connection, kinship, or friendship.

Three cements the pattern, and is special for several reasons. Oh, three. Deaths come in it. Trilogies, the Holy Trinity, love triangles, Great Pyramids, Amigos, Musketeers, Stooges, acts in a play, dimensional objects, and birth, life, and death all work at the order of three. Numbers become convoluted at around four. Three sanctifies the family by mother, father, and child. By four, it's your second child, yeah who gives a shit.

Other numbers are consequential, but three is what you need to get going, that's when the ball begins rolling. What happens when you combine the great minds of Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, and Bob Deniro? You get Taxi Driver. Why is pi 3.14 followed by an endless stream of numbers? Because it's trying the discover what makes three awesome. It works like a pyramid scheme or an internet meme.

Three represents motion, change and progress. Like the movie Pay It Forward, three thrives because a second spare is entirely un-fuck-withable, and should one branch fail, the others have a great shot of thriving if they go by the law of three. If this writing made any sense thank its beginning, middle, and end.

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  1. 1. really makes sense
    2. when you think about it
    3. that way