Monday, December 13, 2010

Self-loathing is the new black

I love to self-hate. Only after you've lost all the entirety of your ego are you free to be an interesting person.

If you hate yourself, you take out the middle men. Society can no longer effectively blame you. Knowing who you are gives you confidence. Me, I'm scum. No amount of derogatory or other verbal abuse could affect me. Perhaps it's the most wonderful defense mechanism. Even if you belittled my pathetic, self-pitying nature, I could say, "Don't worry, brother, it's cool. I got it covered: I hate myself."

With such simple words I'm free and my actions are without guilt—I'm human. That's what being human is, accepting the responsibility that the entirety of your being is a fuck up and a nuisance to someone, and probably most people. I don't believe this logic but it's an exaggeration for effect: people should be understanding.

Some are so concerned with the general consensus, they're so anxious over a potential misstep, they never take a step to begin with. That may not be accurate. Perhaps no one's like that, but I'm going on instinct and willing to take the step. If you want to go somewhere interesting, walking's the only way. Walk where it feels right. Here I am stepping up. Now I'm stepping away.

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