Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Lust & Hatred"

It came to me in a dream. Three years in the making, this has been one of my simpler Photoshop pet projects. This piece I'll explain, as it's already obvious to any non-plebeian. It represents the primal polarities, as the id, the ego and the superego battle contently for and against complacency in a modern world devoid of morality, ingenuity, and meaning. It's all about the extremes of man and, not to get ahead of the potential impact, it's to become the modern day "yin yang" symbol.

This work covers ground from the dawn of man and his chicken scratches to outerspace and the beyond. It also generally covers the topics of puberty, matricide by use of staple gun, adultery, and self-extinction.

Even the title is artistic. Instead of the boring "and," I decided to go with the more interesting and intriguing ampersand. The ampersand to me has always been a buxom woman with bottom loop representing her curvaceous derriere. As with all my art, it's for sale but not for cheap, and only for noble causes (e.g. museums, Gillette, Pepsi).

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