Monday, January 25, 2010

Life-living people are losers

They're always buying happy meals and graduating college. They're always attempting to be goal-oriented by using ambition as means to excel. Not me, though. I see through the system. Living with my Mom and eating donuts off my bare chest may seem like the actions of a slacker to the layman, but screw those doofs. Here's the low down dirty nitty-gritty: living life is for the most pious of posers.


What is there to do, really? Love? Bullslip. You go to a carnival, you play ping-pong, you walk by a river, she laughs, you ejaculate. Next thing you're forced to suffocate her dog to stop the phone calls. Then you have children because they're like friends except you get to manipulate their personality to your liking.

There's no ultimate goal en la vida. It's an escalator that never finishes. If you want to be goal-oriented in life, then you strive to be the best at living. You climb the mountain, you get the girl. You write the book, you get the five star meal. You conquer the world, you get it all. What kinda tryhard blowhard is into that snaz? Dr. Sucker and his neighbors the Joneses.

A life fulfilled is a life complete and a life complete is a life over. Only sans pulse would one find adequate a life without perpetual pursuit of fulfillment. Things won't settle at best when they can always be better. A pyramid is only a milestone until it erodes or a bigger one is built.

What you're left with is life's big pissing contest. Whose Corvette is the reddest, whose escorts are less disease-ridden, whose ideas are the brightest. At what cost? Probably the beating and bruising of your fellow man at the hands of your ignorance and ego. What's the cure? Do what you can, revel in the stupidity and snap into a Slim Jim.

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