Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking for love on Craigslist #3

are you a failure that takes nothing seriously? m4w

hello females and latent homosexuals looking at the m4w section. are you a sucker for a nice smile? do you dwell over another lost day without a motivated, ambitious guy? do you yearn for someone fun to be around? does the thought of chiseled abs and a defined physique get you bothered? if so, i'm not your man.

instead, i never smile. no, my face remains smug like a man forced to eat bile. i'm a moderately lazy fuck up. i'm slightly more fun than hanging out with a chia pet, although they'll probably live longer. i've got a bodacious gut-unit that would be a joy to depraved women everywhere. i mean, let's be serious. you think you want a gym rat, but they're drab and uninteresting, and my gut allows for a good roleplay. i can the be the plumber you can't afford to pay, alright?

my mind's imaginative, romantic, bland and often immature. i'm not a pessimist that thinks life is pointless, but i don't think things get much more holy than mario kart.

ever heard that expression it's not the size of the wave it's the motion of the ocean? well, i'm horrible at both, but that won't stop my fingers from crawling over your body aimlessly like over a smashed piano or the hand from adam's family.

listen, babe. i'm also an intellectual. i watch foreign movies made decades ago and can impressively feign an understanding of them at this point.

i'm not picky. to pique my interest you must be:

a young 20-something romanian girl with a bubble butt that goes by (or is willing to be called) olga. your nose must be awkward, and you must be willing to brush your hair in the nude. you must come from a religious background, preferably repressed.

okay, i'll talk to anyone interested. included is a real picture of me:

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