Thursday, March 19, 2009

The key to happiness in life

It's balance. I bet tightrope walkers live pretty fulfilling lives. That is, if they can apply the strategy and talent of their calling to the real world. If you walk tightropes, though, it seems logical you're disciplined enough not to be an alcoholic or spend $3000 a week on escorts. Yeah, tightrope walkers must live pretty fulfilling lives.

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  1. I'm going to go the other direction. How many people can do what they do? 1 in 100,000? Then there's probably a surplus of tightrope walkers since there's only so many paying jobs. The ones pulling in a check for performing know this and immediately become elitist pricks. Balance goes out the fucking window and they do everything to excess. By and large they hang out with carnies and indulge in destructive behavior. I've seen the high wire act after hours. They beat a hobo to death with a nail studded 2 X 4 then sodomized his bloody corpse.