Sunday, March 15, 2009

Conformity is neat

Anyone who says different is a try-hard jerk. Individuality is preached by a bunch of lonely lowlifes, alienated types who got lost in the social shuffle trying to stand out, and are now just weird. When in reality, think back to what you know of the early 1900's. People were all one and united in style, dignity, and grace. They had nice clothes and clever things to say.

Now every time you go to a park or visit a historical landmark some jerk's standing there with a family reunion t-shirt next to a guy with a red mohawk. Somewhere after the graceful period that was the 50's, things changed. Long gone were ice cream socials and complementary dress styles between groups and the sexes. What brought this on? Well, it was either homosexuals or the black rights movement. My guess is a bit of both.

What is the answer? I'm looking for resolve. A final solution. Martin Lawrence Luther King preached equality. We should be united in unison and in uniform. Rid ourselves of the wallpaper-skinned Simon Brodys of the world. If all's to ever be equal and fair we must eradicate the country of fags and blacks and become one and the same.


  1. I couldn't agree more. You see all of these "individuals" trying so hard and they all look the same. I have to work with at least 8 clowns that look like Chester from Linkin Park? Definitely get rid of the queers and nigras too! Your differences offend me.

  2. Oh yeah and no more neck tattoos, birth control glasses, wool caps, or some uniform shirt with your name on it that makes it look like you work at Zippy Lube! Also shitcan your precious West Coast Choppers and Affliction tee shirts. Don't call me bro and shove your ever present cell phone up your vacuous asses you silly fucks. Pull those baggy pants up while I'm at it and if you have a wallet with a chain then please strangle yourself with it.

  3. i'd like to drink beer on a porch and judge passerby's with this guy.

  4. Hey, just found your blog. Fantastic stuff, my favourite kind of humour.

    Regarding this post, something that really boggled my mind was the BBC documentary "The Century of the Self". Its on Googlevideo for free. and takls a lot about Freud and the turn of the century and provides a great timeline of events that lead to a massive change in society.

    Might have been better to be a witty chap with a trenchcoat, eye glass, gold pocketwatch, and straight-up ballin rimmed hat. Just like the other three guys that would be sitting in my car on the locomotive!


  5. thanks, stranger. i'll try and check it out.