Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Orgazoid Is a Sexual Predator - Peep Show Theory

The Orgazoid is a man out of control, a man with demons. That’s why he’s presented as an unassuming, bland character to start. Quickly we see he’s been out of control, a now cleaned-up Superhans off the smack and the party powder. He’s been as high and low as there is to go, and is reduced a partying night out of only Coke, diet at that.

This musician takes an obtuse, predatory route to acquire his groupies. First, he grooms them. As he suggested to Jez, “My place has gone to shit since I split up with my ex.” He plays into the gender roles and alludes to their typical behaviors to throw victims off, e.g. he is the sloppy male, his presumptive ex-girlfriend is no longer around to do household chores.

If it was one-off this might be forgivable, but it’s clear the setup is to find someone needy and vulnerable and soften him up with cash and other expensive gifts. Jez gets paid a lot to basically do nothing, getting a nice sweater and a squash racket in return.

Once the Orgazoid has broken Jeremy and revealed the full details of the “handyman” position, he doesn’t want to pay anymore. The game is finished for him. “I’ve never had to pay before,” he says. But if that were true, and if he really enjoyed Jeremy’s company and had to leave the country to get his head together, he wouldn’t have paid his best friend Superhans to do the same.

With this in mind, the Orgazoid is one of the most manipulative, predatory Peep Show characters, probably matched in evil only by Natalie.

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