Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Night Sky

You know what never lets you down? The night sky. No one ever looks up at it when they're not hopeful and contemplative. All the favorite moments of my life involved the night sky at some point. It's so often the monumental backdrop, whether its a shooting star, or partially obscured by the beautiful mountains of Colorado or Oregon. Or some time you spent carousing the streets convinced, finally from there on out everything in your life is going to be easy and good.

I'm sure some bad associations exist. Maybe someone out there was camping and they woke up to a bear gnawing at their leg and had to play dead to survive, and now they look up to the night sky with scorn. Those aren't the people I'm talking about. Light pollution is a bad thing, sure, but it allows people to remind themselves when they're outside the congestion of the big city, and maybe that instills a sense of adventure when they're out in the country and they can see the constellations and shit.

At least for now the stars are always symbolism for the unknown and the infinite. Those ideas are equal parts harrowing and comforting. And I'm guessing drone strikes don't work well at night so that's another good thing about it. It's nice to think people half a world away can be seeing the same scene, perhaps recognizing too they've led a substantially better life than bad.

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