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Dirty Slate - Devilsky "The Most Evil Album Ever Created"

Hello. This is a writing about the album Devilsky, an album created entirely within a 24-hour period on the days of Saturday September 20th, 2014 and Sunday September 21st, 2014 by the band "Dirty Slate." The one-man act was also created within this time-frame. It is a concept album, or more accurately, a HIGH-concept album. The idea behind the album was to create the most evil, hateful, angry, occult, and esoteric music album ever devised. Naturally, although Devilsky is unique enough in sound to transcend all boundaries of genre, if forced, it could definitely and definitively classify as "heavy metal."

UPDATE: Outpour of interest in the album has been overwhelming. I hope to have the album released in the coming weeks free to all, perhaps via Youtube. iTunes and Google Play Music release dates remain indeterminate.

The cover for Dirty Slate - Devilsky went through over 400 permutations before deciding on the final artwork. It is meant to symbolize nihilism, nothingness, and disdain for my prospective audience.

Official track listing:

1. Devilsky
2. Antichrist the Redeemer
3. Rape is Inappropriate
4. Whore
5. Iglesias No Más
6. Not Nice

In case you can't tell, the letters of the songs spell out "D.A.R.W.I.N.," a nod to the permeating influence reeking from every pore of my one-man band's philosophy and musical output.

Devilsky European Digipak Special Edition

This is the artwork for the European Digipak edition of Devilsky. It is of inferior quality and symbolism to the American version to denote the inferior quality and symbolism of Europe in relation to the U.S.
✝This version of the album contains the bonus digital content of the "Antichrist the Redeemer" music video.

Album explanation:

1. "Devilsky" (3:14)

The title track starts off the album's evil right away. First of all, it's called Devilsky, conjuring images of crimson skies, and Jesus returning to the planet, only in the form of Satan. He hovers with his hooves above us all, mockingly in Times Square. His arms are crossed like that of an impatient person, ever-quick to judgement and anger. Grey clouds form tears of blood the day Lord Natas reigns down on earth.

I imagined this song to have a brooding bass and jarring, impatient drums, and a seething guitar section barely interested in entertaining its listener. Instead I decided to go a step beyond and merely record the water-heater in my mom's basement, highlighting my evil, and apathy in pleasing humanity.

Even still, the recording was too wicked for human ears. I had to lower the decibel to a frequency range only a dog can hear. Do not play this around dogs as it is considered animal cruelty.

Single for Devilsky
2. "Antichrist the Redeemer" (4:20)

Antichrist the Redeemer picks up where song #1 left off. Imagine the city of Brazil and its crime-riddled streets. The irony of religious iconography on a mountain overlooking it all. The statue begins shedding tears of blood. Christ was all along but a Trojan horse for the true force behind the redeemer... Satan.

Unfortunately the less "social redeeming" parts of the song were censored by the Federal Communications Commission, fearing global outrage and terror. As such, not a second of the entire songs 4 minutes and 20 seconds running length is audible. (Length of song is an homage to the birthday of a degenerate mastermind and fascist ([Takei, George]).

3. "Rape Is Inappropriate" (0:45)

This song references the R-word in defiance of political correctness. I'm not one to shy away from heavy subjects. Here I take a hardline stance against a serious issue. You're going to need a Trigger Warning because shots have just been fired against anyone who does not share my sentiment.

In this song I remain rebellious against the grain, and its mainstream, pervasive "rape culture." The entire song is a McGruff the Crime Dog speech slowed down, because my views on criminality are so skewed. This MP3 is also sampled at a low 64KBPS bitrate because, despite hating rapists, I'm a bad person and nonchalant asshole when it comes to the harassment of the ears of others.

4. "Whore" (0:51)

This song is about the only romance worth salvaging in the modern age: a man and his pornography.

Unfortunately because I'm a devil-may-care rebel with no moral compass, I sampled audiotracks WITHOUT PERMISSION. This means the song has been shortened to the legal limit of under one minute to be in full compliance with copyright law and fair use.

Single for "Antichrist the Redeemer"
5. "Iglesias No Más" (7:06)

You don't want to know what this means. The meaning so hateful and obscure, it exists without the bounds of one language. The hatred I feel for the subject of this song is so deep I put it in Spanish. You'll have to ask your gardener before you grasp the madness of Iglesias No Más.

The record is 7 minutes and 6 seconds long. Or as I like to see it, SIX minutes and SIXty-SIX seconds long.

WARNING: As per accurate portrayal of anger, the sound was recorded at an audio volume level so high as to create a deafening sonic reaction. For some people, you'll have to really listen and pay attention and use your imagination to hear anything at all.

6. "Not Nice" (18:56)

A song about who I am inside. A song about who you are inside. A song about who we are inside. It's a dark song of ambient sounds. 18 minutes and 56 seconds of ecstasy and catharsis, roughly paralleling the childhood and adult life of inventor Nikola Telsa. Angry. Soul-wrenching. Hateful. Ultimately hopeful and beautiful and inspiring. Because it's ultimately hopeful and inspiring I am not including the song on the album, as it would mar the album's intent.

Instead, I've opted to destroy the analogue and digital copies including the working tools. The mere non-existence of this song on this album is even more powerful, valid, and inspiring than had it existed on this album. It is the power of the unknown bottled up in almost 20 minutes of missing music never to be heard by anyone; never to echo though the cosmos. This all, a sentiment more maddening, stomach-churning, soul-twisting, and face-frowning than there could ever be.


Album may see complete and drastic changes from now until time of release, including removal of all songs or non-release of album.

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