Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Life's All About

Objective truths? There are none. Instead I want to talk about a store that sold $2 Funyuns.

I don't want to talk about how things are endlessly complex. How's there's no keycode to life or irony, you merely make the best guesses. And you go by instinct and hope your guesses are correct, or you stray from speaking freely and get paralyzed by anxiety. I want to talk about how Funyuns and Captain Crunch are made of the same material.

I don't want to think of thoughts. What people say is the summation every thought they've ever had. This includes their blind spots, prejudices, idiosyncrasies. All these things can and will triumph over rhyme and reason on a regular basis. Irrationality is the secret plaster holding humankind together. I don't want to judge behavior. Seriously, $2 Funyuns.

I don't want to reminisce. Because reflecting on a better time means you're in a worse time. I don't want to think about hopeful things. I want to think about fun things and do thug shit w/my friends.

We do not live in a vacuum. No, we live in the opposite. Our skulls are containers for a fireman's hose filled with every thought imaginable, meaning the entirety of the universe's contents, which probably doubles by the second. And sure, time is relative, but I'm just trying to paint a large picture, here. Our thoughts are the summation of all that knowledge in a slow-drip, keeping our heads from exploding.

I don't want to talk about that, I want to talk about living in a vacuum. Some real Honey, I Shrunk the Kids type stuff. I want to talk about sleeping on a dust bunny.

I've been on road trips and never took a picture
And I ain't feel bad about it neither

We can go in any direction and are only anchored by a few universal truths. I think, therefore I am. David Lynch movies are bad. There are but a few universal truths, my friend. The rest is chaos trying to squeeze itself into your head for the wonder of it all, and you get to decide its pace. You can slow your thoughts down by choice, or by joining a religious organization. As Einstein said, A mind stretched by new thought can never regain its original shape.

Forget the word hope and failure and bittersweet. Hope is for those who don't do. Failure, well that one's apparent. And bittersweet has that tinge of defeat. And you shouldn't be bitter even in defeat, cause that's a lost cause.

That's all I think we are, vessels for chaotic stupidity. If anything's right, though, it's that good should be rewarded and evil looked upon with indifference followed by a prison sentence. When we have that, we'll have a working form of capitalism. And soon after that, we likely won't need it.

we are hunters. we chase things.
it's not about getting what we want.
it's about the joy of the grind
and those times where you get it right.
there is no selling point.
It's an irrational game.

I don't want to judge. Yet it's easy to say, "Someone smoking pot ain't hurtin' me." Okay, but draw me a line. What about a group of people agreeing to recreate the premise of Mortal Kombat in real life? Their body, their decision.

I don't want to think about all that. I just want a magic wand I can flick and turn the people I dislike into Toucan Sam. Not forever, but maybe for an hour or so.

There is no actual justice, there is just the fighting of seven billion individual wills. We all want pretty similar things. We want the power to enable our dreams.

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