Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Notes & Things

You know that moment you bite into a BLT sandwich and achieve transcendental enlightenment? You bite in and it's like peering into the godhead of the universe.

Well, this is unrelated, but as a society we're too often rewarding bad behavior. You'll know this if you've got a black sheep in the family. It always bugged me that some reformed gangster always got their time to shine on some morning talk show in front of an audience. He would say he got shot at, and shot at others, and did deplorable things. Now he helps at risk youth and there's an applause break. The people who do good by default don't get their day in the sun. There's no story to market. There's no sensationalism. Basically, we focus too much on the leaks and we fail to appreciate the rest of the pipe that's working right. We pick quantity of life over quality of life, letting the reckless ones who piss it all away get first dibs on care and attention. Let's put you on TV if you hoard, or if you're an addict, or a criminal.

Related, this also brings up a good point about how people claim villains are always more compelling. And it feels true. It seems true. It must be true. It isn't. It likely isn't. It might be the difference between the good wife and the whore. The latter's more enticing, for the insanity and mystery. The whore's the junkfood that's immediately satisfying and the wife's a meal that keeps you satisfied and balanced the whole year round. But, you see, Bane isn't more compelling than the hero. The hero isn't Batman. The hero's the writer who kept an even keel while exploring the darker and more optimistic sides of his psyche. He's the compelling one. He's the good guy.

You know, if you have a photographic memory that means you get full movies at a rental price. Which means, because I don't have photographic memory, I have a disability, and therefore am allowed to torrent movies and keep them for free after renting them. It's only fair.

A woman trying to be funny is like a man trying to be sexy. Forcing it just becomes uncomfortable. If it's not happening naturally, it's not happening. Oh! I'm ending on a controversial bit.

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