Friday, December 28, 2012

Personal AIMs

PerspectiveBoy: the only time you know you're real is when you're contributing, because you see the reaction, the ripples as the environment changes slowly around you. And the other way to live is to absorb the output of others. You've gotta balance the two for the most peace and stability. You've gotta reconcile them, to avoid the extremes. Optimize mental and physical health by avoiding the extremes. You don't want to get deluded, to the point of paranoia, to where every step is followed by disbelief because you're nothing but a sponge for media and experiences. No, it's a tango. It's interchanging with your input. Your influence helps keep you in balance. By the same token if you're at the other extreme, with a religious devotion toward altruistic, helping, entertaining, other otherwise selfless endeavors, you're missing out on the dance as well. You're not having fun, or maximizing fun, which you may come to resent or see as a waste of time.

GameChanger18: so yeah i don't know what the point was here. why do people like oak-scented wine? maybe they grew up in washington state or something. if you grew up on a farm in illinois, it won't do nothing for you. until a girl you like introduces you to oak-scented and wine and leaves you and oak scented things remind you of The Good Times and then you buy an oak-scented auto-freshener and meet a girl from san fran and drive around with her and she gains a liking of oak-scented things and passes it on to her next lover. the Circle of Life is Intricate and Boring.

Pathoidealist: love is not wanting to hate or hurt, and cynicism and judgment do that in ways, the latter by form of humiliation. don't be cynical, nor judge, but do what is necessary for maximum damage control. jail, but don't judge. these are all things i would follow if i wasn't sick mostly by my own doing. shrug. if you're not a certain level of sick in our culture, you risk your own destruction. see: every man who ever promoted an unwavering idea of peace. fuck that. i'll be a bit of a dick.

Dreamer09: there's also the huge anchor that is futility that weighs people down. people -think- they want their dreams, but desiring them is just as good. it's when they're running out of desires for dreams that they seek to finally accomplish them, to satiate them in some small way, so they can desire new things. tank's on empty, let me find some more whatnot to throw at it. anticipation and accomplishment are different strands of the same drug. and only in dreams can anything be perfect.

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