Monday, September 17, 2012

You know what's underrated?

Loving kindness. Sunchips. But more importantly loving kindness, gentleness, and good manners. Devotion. Helping the Cause. Not calling your mother a cunt. Sensitivity toward women's issues. Following the teaching of Gandhi. Biting your tongue when people attempt to oppress you. All of these things make the world a better place.

As autumn begins and the holiday season approaches, remember these things. Settle for nothing, and sever the things in life that keep you tied up in a haze of self-perpetuating bad habits, whether they are related to food, drugs, or continued blogs. Don't get tied up in the silly things. Don't buy anything flavored cinnamon. Love your neighbors and dogs. Cherish the memory of Mr. Rogers and his applicable quotes. And if you can't find peace and tranquility, build a small town made out of toys and pretend it's real.

Love your job. Unless you have talent, then you rightfully should hate it because no one worthwhile works, everyone knows that. Appreciate you have a job while the more adventurous types are living in tent cities. Don't emote. Don't go for the gold, because it's just a precious metal. Don't shoot your nephews or relatives with silly string, it's a dick move. Don't listen to radio, they play either top 40 or over 40. Definitely don't listen to your soul. This is advice from the heart.

One love.

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