Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun with Complaint Letters Part IV

Dear Adidas,

This cordial letter is in regards to a complaint. My hope in writing in today is to get a free replacement pair of your much-heralded Adidas Superstar II shoes in mens all black and size 9.5. No white stripes like the ones I'm replacing, as they can get rather dirty.

Now recently I bought a pair of your shoes from the local mall. I didn't even try the suckers on first because I trust your brand. Adidas must be Roman for "quality" or something, am I right friends? Now, what happened next was truly uncanny.

I wore them once, and the shoes glistened with brand new beauty. The rubbery fronts flexed with my every step and some how even taunted the next door neighbor kid. I was walking on top of the world! So I just wore them to the mailbox and back to try them out and by the time I got back they were obliterated. They looked war torn. I mean, smoke was literally coming out of them. I swear I even heard an exploding sound as I reached the last step back into my home.

Now my mailbox is only about 14 feet away mind you. Weather conditions were normal. The shoe's aftermath was so horrendous I've even taken the time to provide photographic evidence. The photos I've included and labeled with numbers (I watch a lot of those forensic CSI type shows ha hahahaha ha ha ha). You can now click this link or view the attached photo and see for yourself. After you're done I've provided a number by number detail for each photo.

Photo #1 - This photo depicts the poor quality of the shoe after only one use.

Photo #2 - This is a shot of the shoes from behind and the shabby build quality.

Photo #3 - This is a view of the other side, and the brand appears to be misspelled (poor quality assurance?).

Photo #4 - This picture shows the shoes are poorly insulated with the foreword to Truman Capote's 1966 true crime classic non-fiction novel "In Cold Blood."

Now from the easily worn fabrics to the cheap insulation I believe this warrants a free pair of shoes. They lasted not even day, and although I love your Adidas brand I've had similar troubles in the past. For example, back in 6th grade I owned a white pair of Superstar II's and wore them for a while and then by the time I was finishing high school they no longer fit. Simple heads up, your shoes may have shrinking problems.

Thanks in advance,

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