Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun with Complaint Letters Part II

Hello hey there how you doing, Kingston? You responded that you'd like me to return my Kingston drive and can't simply send me a new one because you have no "in house" complaints about your flash drive being defective. Fair enough and I understand outhouses are unclean not to be trusted. However, on, the world's most popular online retailer, where this item ranks number 9 in USB flash drives, there are several complaints about this product not fitting into ports on the first page of reviews. Some excerpts:

" can be very difficult to insert this unit in some locations, and as another reviewer remarked, it can be difficult to pull back out."

"The mechanical tolerances are such that it will not plug into some machines without using so much force that you risk damaging the port on the computer."


"One out of four drives... work[ed] properly."

Four out of the six most recent reviews mention this problem. Sounds like a bad batch, my King. Now, I did finally notice my drive did have that serial number you requested. I can provide that if necessary, or a picture of proof of purchase. What I'm not going to do is spend $5 dollars mailing back a $10 defective flash drive. In case you don't understand this decision I've created a diagram explaining my reluctance to participate in the return process. The picture is attached and also available at the following URL hyper-link:

Now, additionally, the idea with flash drives is ease of use in the transportation of files. That's why you're marketing this device as a keychain. Doesn't this drive being the tightest fit ever conflict with the portability? This thing fits so snug in my laptop it would be easier pulling out of an ovulating Charlize Theron. If you're not sold at this point I've also provided a Youtube video further highlighting the problem, available here:

Thank you, Kingston
Eternally yours

PS Please let me know what you thought of my diagram it took care and effort

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