Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Many great moments

There are so many great moments we so rarely capture. Like this one conversation with a friend in the dark after crawling through a window to avoid an alarm. We spoke and our collective fear and plight slowly unraveled. An open window calmed us with rain sounds and allowed us to see our figures as shadow. It was a night of warm mist and relative darkness, and moist from the drizzling rain but a walk would be too worth it to pass up. It was summer and summer was ending, and stood before us just foggy streets. In the air stayed a similarity, it was the essence of some prior memories. They were bad in that they were bittersweet. Sweet because they were so fond, bitter because they were gone. Those many great moments we forget, or gloss over, or maybe there aren't many of them, as now I long for even the moments I recall them.

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